"This is Switzerland" is an online travel video guide about Switzerland. We are a couple of Swiss locals and we will bring you to the most beautiful and unique places in our country.

Who can know better this country than their inhabitants?

One picture is worth a thousand words and one video is worth a thousand pictures.

This is the reason why we have created an innovative online travel guide. We hate the word “vlog.” We don’t speak about our lives, but about the destinations, the locals, the food.… We believe that YouTube will evolve and there will be more and more quality content for travellers.

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Jenny and Sylvain

Jenny and Sylvain are a Swiss couple living near Vevey both holding a Bachelor in Tourism Management. Jenny is the Travel Writer and Presenter and is working as Social Media Manager for a e-commerce platform. Sylvain is the Travel Videographer and Photographer and is working as Designer in a Creative Agency in Lausanne.

We are two Swiss locals

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